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Getting buzzed at the Bridge Tender

Have you ever put a 9-volt battery on your tongue? Whether it was to see how charged the battery was, or just because we were young and dumb, this was a regular thing at my house growing up. Luckily, there is a new way to get our kicks that doesn’t require taking a chance on a possibly fully charged Duracell. Now you can come to the Bridge Tender and eat the flower off our newest drink and get buzzed in more ways than one.

Buzz Buttons

The szechuan flower, known by many names like buzz button, toothache plant, and electric daisy, is officially called acmella oleracea. The nicknames come from its ability to numb the mouth and create a tingly sensation. When used as an edible accessory, the little flower creates a tasty sensory experience like no other for unsuspecting consumers.

At the Bridge Tender, we garnish our framboise Cadillac margarita with the button. We call it the Bridge Tender buzz. The directions for consumption are pretty specific to experience its full effect.

First, sip your drink, and take in the flavors of the raspberry, lime, and agave. Be sure to note the hint of spice in our in house blend of salts that rim the glass.

The Bridge Tender Buzz

Next, pop the flower into your mouth, and chew. Be sure to swap sides allowing the particles of the flower to cover your mouth and tongue. An even coating is essential to experience the taste bud changing effects. Some people choose to spit out the flower, but it is non-toxic and entirely edible.

Now you wait. It only takes a few moments to notice the numbness start to take hold, and the tingling strengthen. It may seem a little panic-inducing. The first time I tried one, I thought I had an allergic reaction. The flower was part of a noodle dish I had in Las Vegas’ China town, and I didn’t know about the powerful punch it held. But I assure you, it is all normal!

Once your mouth is buzzing, take another sip of your cocktail. You’ll think someone swapped your drink for a new one while you were on this rollercoaster of senses, but it’s still your Bridge Tender Buzz. The flower has altered your taste buds, changing the way things taste, and it will continue to do so for the duration of the experience.

The drink adds a fun interactive experience to the typical bar hopping atmosphere. You’ll get a kick out of watching friends faces as they go through the gauntlet of strange feels and flavors. It’s a must try, at least once.

Come down to the Bridge Tender and let us get you buzzed!


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