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More Than Just a Night Out

Here at the Bridge Tender, not only do we strive to tend to the daily needs of the people who walk through our doors but also to serve as a piece of the backbone in our small coastal community. We aren’t just your bartenders, we are your friends and family.
Since 1976, The Bridge Tender has served as a local watering hole for the Seaside community and its visitors. Our long shared history with our patrons creates a story only the locals can tell with accuracy. It is because of these shared memories that The Bridge Tender thrives.
The new owners, Derek and Samantha took over in 2019 from long time owners Catie and Laroy, with intentions to keep the bar authentic to its roots. While a few small changes occurred, regular patrons agree that the bar still feels like home.
Whether you are stopping by to have one of our signature cocktails, or just a simple pint of beer, we promise you will feel like this is your bar away from home. We love that our out of town guests feel like regulars, and make it a point to stop in when they are in town.
So please, step on in, have a drink, and find out what makes us The Bridge Tender.

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